About Us

About US

The passion for fine taste and the readiness to work hard to bring the best out of everything, are not what The Big Chef gained over years; but a boon from his parents. Born to parents, who run a restaurant conquering the hearts of Central Travancore and who taught him the savour of life and good food, Mr. Noushad had an affinity towards the charismatic world of epicurean delights from childhood. Later, completing his course in catering from Hotel Management School, Bangalore, he started his line of business, by joining his father’s venture, Noushad Hotels. The zealous young entrepreneur in Noushad was not ready to sit back and relax; he slowly started to expand his empire by beginning Noushad Catering Service in. He embarked on a long journey in search for the most delicious tastes over the world and brought it to the God’s own country. A tradition of over 50 years and the secured knowledge helped him carve out a niche and gave him the courage to spread out to the world. This led to the establishment of NBC restaurant chain which has now presence in kerala, Bangalore and UAE. The charming BIG Chef continues his voyage, mesmerizing the hearts and delighting the taste buds